Consulting, planning and supporting projects in areas such as cloud computing, virtualization, servers, communications networks, office relocation and more.


    Establishing and implementing technology solutions from a variety of areas to small businesses, startups, companies and organizations.


    Maintenance and development of existing or new computing infrastructures of all types, sizes and complexes whether they are cloud or local infrastructure, and more.


  • Cloud Computing

  • Beaver Solutions provides expert advice on transition and ongoing management of cloud-based infrastructures, our team here at your service when it comes to AWS, GCP, Azure and others.
  • Communications Infrastructure

  • Whether you are looking to jump on new opportunities, reach fresh markets, or use existing resources more efficiently, our team can make that happen.
  • Information Security

  • Cyber crimes are on the rise. In complex environments, you cannot allow security to slip away. From the desktop to the cloud infrastructure, Beaver Solutions will tailor a solution for you based on your business security needs.
  • IT Services

  • Digital transformation is everywhere. Big and small businesses are rethinking the role of technology in the organization - and the smart ones are rethinking who should manage it.
  • Telephony and Conferencing

  • We have a conference phone solutions, are run in the cloud or on site, depending on your business needs.
  • Hardware, Licensing and Software

  • We provide our customers with hardware, licensing and software solutions, whether it's a single unit or a complete business solution, including Office 365 and G Suite licenses, in the simplest, easiest and fastest way.


    Our mission

    Free up your time so you can focus on the business while we maintain your IT infrastructure.

    Our vision

    Implement the best technology solutions, dynamic enough to serve our clients' long-term business goals and provide them with an advanced and efficient work environment.

    Our goal

    Provide you with industrial quiet and allow you to channel your resources to best achieve your business goals.


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